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>> hello and welcome to the "journal" on dw-tv. in syria, troops are seen leaving the city of homs. in russia, prime minister putin waves off opposition demands to review election results. >> eurozone bank account a record some of overnight cash -- eurozone banks count a record sum of overnight cash. >> we start in syria with renewed protests against president al assad's regime. tens of thousands of demonstrators took to the streets, and they were inspired by a team of observers who visited the city of homs. government tanks were seen withdrawn before the monitors arrived, but troops still clashed with protesters across the country, killing at least 15, and the violence has not stopped. were greeted by angry crowds in homs. activists of bloated this video showing residents pleading with observers while gunfire erupted in the background -- activists uploaded this video. tanks are reported to have pulled out of the city shortly before the observers are ride. a woman demanded that prisoners be released, saying six young men disappeared on monday. with the tanks gone, the streets fille
the arab league got a firsthand look today at open rebellion in syria. the arab officials journeyed to the battered city of homs, where the military pulled back and up to 70,000 protesters turned out. we begin our coverage with this report from independent television news, narrated by alex thomson. >> reporter: the arab league delegation, possibly all that now stands between syria and civil war, hearing it straight from the people of homz. they beg the observers to come to a district that has seen heavy fighting here. they're led by this man. and the observers seem to mean business. they went. they got here, too. "we want the president executed" they chant. tens of thousands gathered to protest here peacefully against the regime. the regime which had already pulled heavy armor out of the ancient city very publicly before the observers arrived. and after that, volleys of tear gas from the syrian army trying but failing to stop people reaching today's mass rally in town. >> we withdrew early but the rest of the time we're hidden in government buildings in the area. we feel very optimi
." >> the loss of life in syria despite the presence of arab league monitors. the north koreans pay their last respects to kim jong un hill and all eyes turned to the regime's new leaders. escalating sectarian violence in nigeria as christians warned that they will respond following a wave of deadly islam as the tax. welcome to "bbc world news." palestinian police rushed in to break up a brawl between rival priests at the church of the nativity in bethlehem. could the colosseum in rome be crumbling? violence is continuing in syria despite the presence of the arab league monitoring mission. 10 people were killed including one child on wednesday. syrian state television is report that 755 people held in their role in the uprising have been released but activists say as many as 15,000 remain in prison. this report does contain distressing images. >> no let up in the violence even with the arab league monitors whose mission is to try to stem the bloodshed. these images from the town of homs which emerged after the team said the situation was reassuring. opposition activists are determined to show
. that is later in the grapevine. up next, the rocky road to peace in syria. [ male announcer ] cranberry juice? wake up! ♪ that's good morning, veggie style. hmmm [ male announcer ] for half the calories -- plus veggie nutrition. could've had a v8. for many, nexium helps. relieve heartburn symptoms caused by acid reflux disease. osteoporosis-related bone fractures and low magnesium levels have been seen with nexium. possible side effects include headache, diarrhea, and abdominal pain. other serious stomach conditions may still exist. talk to your doctor about nexium. >> shannon: in world headlines the trial of former egyptian president hosni mubarak resumed in cairo. the 83-year-old mubarak was taken to courthouse in ambulance. he is charged with complicity in killing 800 protesters earlier in year and could face the death penalty if convicted. >>> a brawl erupted at churches of nativity at the west bank. happened as orthodox monks were cleaning the facility. palestinian police broke it up. similar fights have taken place at the church in the past. >>> iranian exiles in iraq accepted a deal
't seeing anything frightening in the streets of homs or other parts of syria. of course, this is raising some eyebrows saying there are only ten of you in each hot spot and you are being acompacompanied be syrian government. >> that's right, hala. we were told observers would fan out to other citiy ies and we hd that in hama there were protests and clashes earlier in the day. now, we're being told, in fact, those visits were postponed for logistical reasons and causing more concerns among the activists and many of them are really convinced that what the syrian government is showing these observers is just a charade. it's not the real picture of what's going on there in syria right now. we heard yesterday that while observers were in the city activists and residents said crackdowns were still going on and thousands of protesters that were in places in the neighborhood there being fired upon with live ammunition and tear gas trying to disperse the crowd. when we spoke to arab league monitors earlier today and asked them, they said, you know, reports being written up and being delivered to
>> israeli outrage against ultra-orthodox jews. arab league observers began working in syria. the u.s. accuses damascus of step attacks against its own people at of their arrival. a new outpouring of public grief is expected on the streets of p'yongyang. a very warm welcome to our viewers on pbs in america and our around the world. how this iconic paris cathedral fell in and out of favor and back in again. the giant outdoor escalator transforming lives and one of columbia's poorest neighborhoods. several thousand israelis have demonstrated in the town of beit shemesh to condemn the behavior of old so orthodox jews who want to segregate between the sexes. the behavior of -- the israeli president has said a minority in israel is acting is -- is acting outrageously. >> by early evening, thousands had gathered in beit shemesh angry at the treatment of women by ultra orthodox jews who want greater separation between the sexes. in recent months, many israelis have been shocked of grown men hurl abuse at school girls. their crime, dressing in modestly. >> >> over the weekend, israeli telev
>> your welcome to the "journal." fresh clashes in syria as questions are raised about the credibility of arab league monitors. funeral ceremonies take place for legal korean leader kim jong il amid scenes of public grief. investors showed unexpected interest in the second italian bonds raging. the country expecting a windfall. the violent crackdown on anti- government protesters in syria continues, despite the presence of arab peace monitors in the country. activists said syrian security forces fired on thousands of demonstrators, killing at least six people. meanwhile, arab league monitors visited the city of homs, which has seen violent demonstrations the past few months, but monitors said they had observed nothing out of the ordinary. syrian activists have denounced the fact-finding mission as a force. >> the observers have been home since tuesday. this video appears to show them surrounded by a crowd of angry locals. people say the monitors are ignoring their attempts to explain what is happening. the head of the mission was quoted as saying some places looked "a b
. >> thanks. >> glor: the white house today condemned syria for intensifying its attacks on protesters. syria's president, bashar al- assad has promised to stop the killings and international monitors have traveled to syria to ensure he keeps his word. but elizabeth palmer reports tonight in one city, homs, not much has changed. >> reporter: with arab league observers on the way to homs this morning, syrian tanks began pulling back from positions they've held for weeks. but when the team hit the streets, the violence hadn't stopped. this cell phone video shows a political activist urging one of the observers "come, come and see in that street over there, snipers." but in the background, there are the sounds of gunfire and the man refuses to go. we managed to get in touch with an activist in homs who was monitoring the observers' progress. we're concealing her identity for her own safety. >> reporter: in a nearby suburb, thousands who couldn't get close to the arab league observers instead joined a huge funeral march for an elderly man activists say was shot by government forces this morning.
carrying his body. >>> with outside monitors now in syria, demonstrators made sure their voices would be heard. amateur video shows tens of thousands taking to the streets reportedly calling for the execution of president bashar al assad. critics debated whether government tanks pulling back was just an attempt to mislead monitors. >> reporter: government security forces appear to fire tear gas at the crowds trying to stop them from heading to the city's main square for a mass demonstration. footage we cannot independently verify. even so, 70,000 protesters seem to have risked their lives to attend the rally against president assad. we want the president executed, they chant. spurred on by the arrival of arab league peace observers, who have come here to see if the regime is keeping its promise and ending its military crackdown of anti-government demonstrators. here they appear to be besieged by local residents on the streets. eager to show them the pools of blood spilled in the violent clashes with government forces. while the government itself appeared to be pulling out its tanks an
segregation. observers began working in syria. the u.s. accuses damascus of setting up attacks against its people ahead of their arrival. welcome to bbc news, broadcasting on pbs in america, and around the globe. coming up later, fears mount over a toxic chemical leak in northern australia as a freight train is swept off a bridge in a tropical cyclone. the only way is up. the giant outdoor escalator transforming lives in north columbia's poorest neighborhoods. -- columbia -- colombia's porous neighborhoods. hello and welcome. final preparations are underway for the state funeral of kim jong il, which is due to start soon. north koreans continue public mourning. the body of the leader is expected to be driven through p'yongyang. state television usually features nothing but positive reports on what the regime has been doing. lucy williamson reports from south korea that the broadcasts have taken on an almost supernatural tone. >> north koreans are used to hyperbole in the nightly news, beginning every night with a song about the magical qualities of their leader's birthplace, the hospital h
. paula hancocks, thanks very much. >>> the bloody crackdown in syria continues right under the noses are the arab league monitors who are in the country. they will visit two new towns at the center of the uprising. an opposition group says 14 more people killed. thousands in the streets to protest the al assad regime. a human rights group is accusing them of hiding hundreds in military sites. >>> iran is threatening to block the flow of crude oil through the strait of hormuz that is driving oil prices up. every day some 15 million barrel of crude flow through the channel connecting the indian ocean and persian gulf. iran's vice president is warning that the strait will be blocked if the west following through on threats to impose sanctions on its crude exports. >> these are long-standing threats. the u.s. military patrols that area as well. >>> terrifying moments in new mexico. a police squad car crashes into a crowded restaurant. the officer loses control after being clipped by another car on the highway. the cruiser stopped in front of one of the fire pits right in front of kerosen
in an election year. >> andrea, while we have you here news out of syria. arab league are witnessing the uprising and the government crackdown first hand. what are they finding? >> it's very troubling so far to u.s. officials because the arab league monitors have been on the ground for two days and they have not pushed back against restrictions that the regime has imposed on their inspections, and neez are the first outside monitors that syria has permitted in. they have blocked their access to key areas where atroscities are reported. the u.s. is withholding any formal criticism because they hope this mission can succeed. in these two days the monitors have not gotten in and activists are reporting six more killings and opposition leaders are calling this arab league effort a farce. lester. >>> important health news tonight about the fight against ovarian cancer, which kills more than 15,000 american women each year. two studies out tonight show avastin a drug approve ford other cancers but is controversial could help women buy more time in the battle with this deadly disease. we get more now fr
. the first ones syria allow nootd country during its crack down on antigovernment uprisings. the visit is a week after syrian president saasa sign aid deal to stop attacks against unarmed and peaceful protestors but this only appears to intensify after syria agreed to the plan. 300 civilians have died during last week. >> yemen's outgoing president will be allowed to come to the united states for medical treatment. and he is recovering from several severe injuries in a june tack on his compound. and the white house is hoping that this move will ease tensions in yemen. and an election is set for february. >> and north koreans continue to pay respects to former president kim jong-il as preparations are finalized for his funeral. he has been lying in state since december 17th. his funeral will last two days and observers say it will resemble those for his father who died in 1994. >>> and an egyptian court put a ban on so called virginity tests. several say they were rounded up by soldiers in cairo's tahrir square and subjected to the test. one says it happened to her, saying she was force
crackdown in the tinder box nation of syria. in the last 24 hours, more than 40 people killed, most in the city of homs, which has been called the capital of the revolution. today, the streets were filled with tens of thousands of protesters, calling for the execution of president bashar al assad. as outside observers from other arab countries are now in the streets, monitoring the situation, activists, armed with video cameras, are trying to send their first-hand messages out to the world. and here's abc's kelly cobiella. >> reporter: the videos, taken by ordinary citizens at great risk, show government tanks, blood on the streets, syrians mourning their dead. activists say they're proof the syrian government is killing its own people, inspite of its denies. when protesters flooded the rebel town of homs today, a camera captured it. another caught this. locals begging for help from arab league monitors as gunfire broke out. there are thousands of clips on youtube, and entire channels devoted to the syrian uprising. and all they're using is this. the simple act of holding up a cell
of that. let's talk about syria for a moment. at least six people killed in violent clashes between the government and anti-government forces there. any indication at this point that syria's president is going to step down at some point soon? >> no, not at all. he seems to be determined to fight it out. and although the arab league has now sent monitors into syria, to try to get firsthand information of what's going on, the foreign media is not allowed. all we're seeing is youtube videos and cell phone pictures that have been posted online. those monitors are going to get a sense of what's going on in the country. the fact that his forces continue to kill people while the monitors arei% the country. that says that he's not about to be backing down, he wants to go all the way. >> bobby ghosh, thank you, sir. happy new year. >> and to you. >>> rick perry suing virginia to get on the state's primary ballot. does his legal challenge stand a chance in court? >>> why a judge ruled the mexican american studies program in one school district is illegal. >>> and which tom hanks film is now a
of this because syria won't let journalists in to the country. syria signed off last week on an arab league deal to send in those observers to see if assad's regime really would end the violence which the u.n. reports has killed more than 5,000 people since march. today the white house called the crackdown who are risk. horrific. trying to find toddler for two weeks with announcement that has new tips pouring in by the minute. the desperate search for the little girl. plus, another democratic lawmaker set to step down from capitol hill. how could this change the landscape of power? as fox reports tonight. [ male announcer ] you have plans... moments you're looking forward to... what if they were stolen from you? by alzheimer's. this cruel disease costs americans more than $180 billion a year, and could cripple medicare in the near future. the alzheimer's association is taking action, and has been a part of every major advancement. but we won't rest until we have a cure. you have plans... help the alzheimer's association protect them. act now, go to ♪ if you're like my patients, you wa
leader's son and successor kim jong-un followed the hearse. >>> without monitors now in syria, demonstrators made sure their voices would be heard. amateur video shows tens of thousands taking to the streets reportedly calling for the execution of president al assad. critics debated whether government tanks pulling back was just an attempt to mislead monitors. >>> the high stakes battle of western powers, iran threatened to cut off oil exports from middle east if the west imposes sanctions on oil sapmehipments. they threaten to close the strait of hormuz. as state department spokesman dismissed the threats as, quote, bluster. >>> now, here's a look at other stories making news early today in america. michigan police were recently involved in a high speed pursuit of one of their own suv cruisers wearing only his underwear. a suspect hopped behind the wheel after escaping from a backseat. it ended with the suspect crashing into vehicles at a roadblock. no injuries were reported. >>> a lawyer for a group of single mothers in hawaii calling their theft inside a toy store a despera
two children are reported to have been killed in fresh violence in syria. the man who was said to rule north korea, kim jong in -- kim jong un has met with mourners in the state capital. the u.s. military officials say they might take disciplinary action over the nato attack which killed 24 pakistani soldiers. the incident proved disastrous for u.s.-pakistani relations in a year when trust between them dropped. we take a look at the 12 months in which these two suppose it allies worst crisis to crisis. >> what a turbulent year for pakistani-american relations. in january, a cia contractor shot dead a key pakistani's on this very junction. there is a diplomatic route between islamabad and washington. this caused outrage against the u.s. here in pakistan. the fury was directed not only at the u.s. but the pakistani government for what many saw as a subservient relationship with washington. this would only intensify with the trauma that soon followed. >> i can report to the american people and to the world that the u.s. is conducting an operation that killed osama bin laden, the leader of
the mourners as tens of thousands watch in an outpouring of grief. arab league observers in syria trying to verify whether the crackdown has ended. welcome to the bbc world news. also coming up, argentina's president cristina fernandez de kirchner is to undergo surgery for cancer. why austria may never have been so hazardous. in heavy falling snow lining the 40 kilometer route of a funeral procession, north koreans have been paying their respects, weeping and wailing. as kim jong-il was transported through pyongyang. he ruled the country for 17 years. is dennis son and presumed successor walked alongside, and giving warner is one of their first glimpses of their next leader. lucy williamson has this report from south korea. >> the funeral of the most secretive leader, broadcast live on north korean tv. a glimpse into a country usually shrouded from view. the slow funeral procession through the streets of pyongyang, a sign that stability is crucial now. whatever the private feelings of the crowds that line the path, this is a moment of uncertainty for this nuclear-armed state. kim jong-il
in syria as arabs arrived on a peace mission. 39 people have been killed in recent attacks. this has become one of the main centers of protests against the government. jim is monitoring the situation from the roots. >> still bearing their extent and -- now the situation from beirut. >> thousands turned out to mourn those who died in the latest violence. the observers were eagerly awaited by big demonstrations. this is one of several district of have seen repeated efforts to crush the finance, but it is clearly still there. when they reach one of the hottest areas, the observers found themselves besieged by angry residents, eager to tell their story. even while they were talking, gunfire rang out. the presence of observers may have lessened the violence. activists say more people were killed or martyred a. >> there are more than five people and wounded. we want to aid people who have died by security forces shooting and correctly. >> another defiant city to the north, there was more shooting as protesters tried to converge on the square. peaceful demonstrations are supposed to be allowed and
embargo on syria which is going through horrendous violence right now. that having a really deep effect on the syrian government's ability to do business. if syria is aa team, iran is the major leagues. they control much more of the world oil market and european countries would suffer if their governments go through with this. that's a very serious political consideration. back here in washington, the american economy will suffer if we put crippling sanctions on iran that raise gas prices and the obama administration doesn't trust the average voter is going to draw the distinction between the benefits of delaying iran's nuclear program and the higher prices at the gas tank. it's a tough one to explain and a discussion they don't want to have heading into their presidential election. it's not a good idea for them. >> jeff rogin for foreign policy magazine, thanks for being here. appreciate it. >> thank you. >> we'll say right before christmas, richard engel came by the news meeting for our show and the question from the floor of our news meeting was richard, as we're all going home for c
out of syria is said to show defectors trying to ambush security forces in daraa. cnn cannot independently confirm this claim. observers from the arab league are now in the country for a second day to determine if the government has kept its promise to stop the bloody crackdown on its citizens. a league official tells cnn they have postponed trips to three cities today due to logistical reasons. >>> tens of thousands of north koreans wailing and beating their chests fill the streets of pyongyang. a lincoln carried his coffin on the roof. another carried a giant portrait of him. analysts say the perfectly choreographed funeral signals a new era under his son, kim jong un. >>> the trial of former egyptian president hosni mubarak continued today after several months of delay. the ailing 83-year-old entered the courtroom on a gurney. he is charged with corruption and murder for allegedly ordering the killing of protesters calling for an end to his 30-year-regime. court adjourned only after a few hours. it is set to resume on monday. >>> two women have been arrested for allegedly
the situation in syria is taking another deadly turn today. at least four soldiers were killed and 12 others injured in an ambush today. meantime arobject league monitors are now in that country in hopes of ending the government crackdown there. leland vittert following this live from our jerusalem bureau. >> reporter: it doesn't appear as if the arab league observers have exactly succeeded in ending the violence. not only did we have the syrian soldiers killed, we had a number of syrian civilians who were activists killed there inside the syria. it seems like the violence is subsiding a little bit. there are now tens of thousands of people out on the streets in the city of holmes, in the holmes has been lifted now as the observers are in place and tens of thousands of people are back on the street demanding that bashar al-assad step down. a couple of weeks ago they would have been met with artillery fire. that is certainly an improvement on the situation there on the ground. we have a second piece of video, though, to show you the kind of crackdowns that are still going on, this is in the c
in the book in the chapter not so subtly that you call setback about iran and north korea, about syria and nonproliferation issues and you suggested various points in the chapter that the bush and administration lost its way, hattie's and to leave your away from the bush doctrine that was so well established in the first term. and i wonder if you see president bush himself lost his nerve. .. >> convey that. and there were, this was an area that had to do with north korea's nuclear aspirations and activities, building a nuclear reactor for the syrians in eastern syria that would allow them, ultimately, to produce all nuclear weapons and so forth. um, it was one where with there were significant differencesif inside the administration. i think many of those were known, but part of my interest o was in putting down the historyh of that period. and the policy debates, and i thought there were lessons to be learned. we weren't the first administration having trouble figuring how not to get the north koreans to go nuclear. the clinton administration faced similar problems. the obama administ
report from south korea this morning. >>> we want to stay overseas and turn to the unrest in syria. tens of thousand of people in the streets of syria's third largest city calling for execution of the president. government troops reportedly killed dozens of people despite presence of international monitors checking on a series of promised reforms there. thousands have died in the government crackdown against protestors which began in march. >>> disturbing details in the murder of a young girl. the man watching aliahna lemmon confessed to beating her to death and dismembering her body last thursday. the suspect, a 39-year-old michael plumadore, has been ordered held without bond. >>> investigators in connecticut confirm the fire that killed five family members was in fact the result of a tragic accident. they say embers from the fireplace and lack of working smoke detectors led to the tragedy. abc's linsey davis reports now from stamford. >> reporter: investigators say it was the embers of the christmas eve yule log which started what firefighters here are calling the most horrific fire i
in syria, state-run media saying the government released 750 prisoners detained in the regime in the last nine months, this as international observers toured the city that has become a sight of the protest. leland havleland vittert is there live. >> reporter: there are a lot of residents who were very upset in holmes because the syrian government has sent mind tkers along with the observers. they didn't want the minders. the latest video shows massive processes with tense of 10,000s of people on the streets right no as they are finally feeling safe enough to protest again. they feel like the observers that are on the ground are going to prevent the open artillery shelling that we saw in the city of holmes when it was under siege for many, many weeks. president bashar al-assad is very strong in damascus but not in holmes. he's going to try to use as much political power as he can to put the protests down and military power. today four more people were killed, gregg. gregg: can the observers do any good? >> reporter: it's an excellent question. they are unarmed and have no power to stop the
Search Results 0 to 49 of about 78 (some duplicates have been removed)